Export User Data


Un complemento que exporta metadatos y datos de usuario de WordPress.

Includes an option to export the users by role, registration date range, usermeta option and two export formats.

Este complemento está diseñado para exportar datos de usuario almacenados en las 2 tablas de datos de usuario de WordPress estándar wp_users y wp_usermeta, si usa un complemento que almacena datos en sus propias tablas de base de datos, este complemento no exportará estos datos, sin personalización.

In version 2 + we added some additional filters and API controls which control aspects such as the returned value formats and keys, pulling data from custom post types and builing lists of “common” usermeta fields to export – you can read more on the Q Studio Website

Para solicitudes de funciones e informes de errores, utilice el sitio web de asistencia de Q.

Please do not use the WordPress.org forum to report bugs, as we no longer monitor or respond to questions there.


  • Exporta todos los campos de usuarios estándar
  • Exporta meta de usuarios
  • Exports users by role
  • Exports users by date range
  • NEW: Filters to control format, add common


  • Ejemplo de vista de exportación de administrador


31 de enero de 2021
Great plugin, does what is asked for Works great with a custom Tutor LMS student form registration, now i can easly export my students relevant data
4 de noviembre de 2020
5 stars deserved, it just works well, I needed to export user meta also created with ACF and I had no problems. Thanks to the developers for the work.
26 de marzo de 2019
Hi thanks for your plugin, it works perfectly as I want. But when I want to download there is notification : This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress. I backup my website, ignore the notification and try the plugin.
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Registro de cambios


  • Readme updates


  • FIX: saving and loading selected usermeta fields works as expected.


  • Excel 2007 export option added – thanks to @reyneke-vosz – https://github.com/qstudio/export-user-data/pull/5
  • Excell 2003 export option removed, as no suitable open-source library available
  • Validated as working in WP 5.5.0
  • BuddyPress support removed… sorry, but this plugin now only supports exporting data from native WordPress tables
  • FIX: saving and loading selected usermeta fields works as expected.


  • Removed remote call to jQuery UI CSS
  • Se agregó sanitization adicional a los datos $ _POST
  • Made main class name “more” unique


  • Cleanup and tagging for WP Repo


  • Deprecated BuddyPress support as untested in 4 years


  • Fork to new name Q Report
  • namespaced and moved to standard Q plugin setup model
  • buddypress support might be flaky due to limited testing


  • Moved all internal action hooks to admin_init to allow for internal function loading


  • Added extra data sanitization before outputting to file – thanks to Hely Shah helyhshah@gmail.com for te heads-up


  • New: Added load_buddypress() methods to test for buddypress and load up if missing
  • New: move action hooks and priority to load later
  • New: Plugin no longer uses singleton model to instatiate – instead called from action hook to public function
  • New: added log() to debug.log file to help debugging issues
  • Update: jQuery datepickers pull start_of_week value from WordPress
  • Tested on 4.4.2


  • Added: Spanish translation – thanks Elías Gómez Sainz ( elias@estudions.es )


  • Update: WP 4.4.1


  • Fix: to remove minor security loop hole
  • New: Added option to remove standard wp_users data from export
  • Fix: removed roles and groups columns from export when options hidden


  • Minor FIxes


  • Checked on WP 4.3.1
  • Moved text-domain to string in preperation for addition to translate.wordpress.org
  • Added Log() method to allow for debugging to WP Error Log
  • Added Greek translation – Thanks @Leonidas Mi
  • Added option to limit export by last_updated date of specific xprofile field – Thanks to @cwjordan


  • Data stored in recursive and serialized arrays is now exported in a flat string format with safe delimiters ( ||, ||| – etc. )


  • Removed accidently included .git files


  • Version change to sync SVN on wordpress.org


  • Added unserialize function with @ fallback
  • Removed anonymous function to allow support for PHP < 5.2


  • Tested as working on WordPress 4.1.0.


  • Removed get_user_meta method, as not effective.
  • Added registration date from and to pickers – to replace monthly lists.


  • Added recursive_implode() method to flatten data stored in arrays ( exported with keys and values divided by “|” )


  • Reduced all get_user_meta queries to a single call to improve performance
  • Serialized data is now returned in it’s pure stored format – not imploded or unserialized to avoid data structure loss


  • get_uermeta renamed get_user_meta to be more consistent with WP
  • get_user_meta tidied up and tested on larger exports
  • added option to export user BP Groups
  • added option to export all user WP Roles


  • added get_usermeta() to check if meta keys are unique and return an array if not
  • removed known_arrays() filter to allow for array data to be returned correctly – too hacky


  • Added known_arrays() filter to allow for array data to be returned correctly


  • Save, load and delete stored export settings – thanks to @cwjordan
  • Overcome memory outages on large exports – thanks to @grexican
  • Tested on WP 4.0.0 & BP 2.1.0


  • BP Serialized data fixes – thanks to @nicmare & @grexican
  • Tested on WP 3.9.2 & BP 2.0.2


  • BP X Profile Export Fix ( > version 2.0 )


  • fix for hidden admin bar


  • removed $key assignment casting to integer


  • Tested with WP 3.9
  • Fix for BuddyPress 2.0 bug


  • Moved plugin class to singleton model
  • Improved language handling
  • French translation – thanks @bastho – https://wordpress.org/support/profile/bastho


  • clarified export limit options


  • corrected buddypress export option – broken in 0.8.1
  • changed get_users arguments, in attempt to reduce memory usage


  • Added experimental range limiter for exports
  • Extra input data sanitizing


  • moved plugin instatiation to the WP hook: init
  • moved bp calls outside export loop
  • added extra isset calls on values in export loop to clean up error log not sets


  • added xml template for Excel exports – thanks to phil@fixitlab.com 🙂


  • fixes to allow exports without selecting extra user date from usermeta or x-profile


  • added multiselect to pick usermeta and xprofile fields


  • First public release.